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my word for 2023

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so beautifully free

happy new year my beautiful ones. i hope the year has started off with an adequate happy bang. and even if it hasn’t know that’s absolutely perfect too.

so much withdrawing has taken place, shedding, apparent letting go. this falling away of everything i thought i knew myself to be. to this place of thisness, whatever this is. and it feels just so absolutely beautifully free.

a few years back, choosing a word for the year to be my guiding light started happening. and i love it! no huge goals/plans for the year. just a simplicity in one word to follow without too much attachment to anything. nothing to feel guilty for if i don’t achieve it. and i smile sometimes at how the word kind of pops up all during the year and it’s been so fun watching them play out, how unintentionally perfect each one has been.

so in a spirit of tradition here’s my word for 2023.
in 2020 it was “change”
2021 became a time to “rise”
2022 was all about loving what is and the leaning into such unconditional “love”
and 2023 i’m just “free”

i’m honestly kinda excited to see how this word “free” unfolds for me during 2023! this transition period that i have been in for the past 3 years, where everything has fallen away bit by bit, the thoughts, the beliefs, everything that made up the “me” that i was so clinging to. one by one, i’ve watched them fall. words which had so much meaning before, mom, wife, daughter, sister, artist, nail tech are all beautiful words that just feel like meaningless labels to this beauty that is expressed through whatever this is now.

i am so much freer than i’ve ever been, so much lighter, peaceful, there’s more joy here, laughter, smiles, and it has felt beyond amazing because the previous version that took everything way too seriously, was exhausting.

there are still bills to be paid, there are still debts owed (or outstanding balances as my friend and i try to lovingly call them haha), there is still life just lifing happening here through all the peace and that feels absolutely perfect too.

in the spirit of this beautiful space, i’ve opened up my calendar for meeting spaces 1:1 with you, only 30mins at a time, just in case you ever want someone/somewhere to process things with, to find your footing, to unleash more beautiful peace in your own life. they’ll be donation based, so you can choose how much you’d like to pay, whatever you can afford, no judgement from here.

it’s funny when i first left my nail business behind in 2020, i knew it was because those beautiful powerful conversations we’d had together were what i wanted to do with my life. little did i know, that that declaration would end up with me going on my journey of emptiness to reach this place of empty fullness before being truly ready to be that space for you to continue those powerful conversations.

i had to empty it all, i had to let it all fully go, to show up as the best version of myself, to be that perfect mirror to reflect back to you what you most need in this meeting space. all part of the pathless path i suppose! :)

so here’s to 2023 being an open beautiful space to freeness.

i’d love to hear, what’s your word for 2023, so leave a comment below or reply to this email! :)

all my love always,
katrianna ♡

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